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Prepasted Toothbrushes

Posted by Teri Turpen on

Prepasted Toothbrushes are an individually wrapped disposable toothbrush that can be used anywhere with or without water. They usually have mint flavored paste embedded onto the bristles and are designed for a one time use. Because prepasted toothbrushes are disposable they are not recommended as a replacement to your regular toothbrush and paste, but rather a convenience item often used on the go.

Who uses Prepasted Toothbrushes?

Dentists and Orthodontists give prepasted toothbrushes to their patients for pre-visit brushing.

Any business that offer amenities to their guests such as airlines, hotels, country clubs and spas

will find that offering a prepasted toothbrush is an economical alternative to offering a toothbrush and paste. 

People with braces or dentures or Invisaligns find prepasted toothbrushes to be a necessity while at work or school.

Parents and grandparents who host sleep overs keep a few on hand for that child that forgot his toothbrush.

Travelers hikers, and campers keep a few prepasted toothbrushes in their briefcase, purse, or suitcase.

Anyone who just wants a convenient way to stay fresh on the go would benefit from having prepasted toothbrushes.

Why  use

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